Academic banner dispayed on the house

With one of the three Cardinal Principles of Phi Delta Theta being Sound Learning, we take academics very seriously at the Missouri Alpha Chapter, and pride ourselves on our continued success.

Missouri Alpha has consistently placed above the All-Male, All-Fraternity, and All-University average GPA every semester since our re-founding. We earned the #1 rank for fraternities in terms of total chapter GPA for the Spring 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters and have yet to rank below 4th place since our re-founding.

Recent Ranks:

Fall 2016........ 2nd Place (3.311 GPA)

Spring 2017....1st Place (3.267 GPA)

Fall 2017..........2nd Place (3.364 GPA)

Spring 2018....1st Place (3.322 GPA)

Fall 2018..........4th Place (3.372 GPA)

Spring 2019....2nd Place (3.466 GPA)

Fall 2019..........3rd Place (3.417 GPA)


We truly strive to achieve top academic status and show that we are an icon in the Greek community for our dedication to our education.