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National History

Phi Delta Theta was founded on December 26th, 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


Rather than returning home to be with their families for the holidays, undergrads Robert Morrison, John McMillan Wilson, Robert Thompson Drake, John Wolfe Lindley, Ardivan Walker Rodgers, and Andrew Watts Rogers, known today as the "Immortal Six," spent their winter break setting the foundation for a brotherhood that would one day affect the lives of countless college men. They created a brotherhood under three principal objectives: "the cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment personally of a high standard of morality." 


On December 30, the “Immortal Six” put their signatures to The Bond of the Phi Delta Theta. The Bond, for short, has remained unchanged from that day, and it is the governing document of our fraternity.

Phi Delta Theta now has nearly 190 active chapters and colonies in 42 states and five Canadian provinces. The Fraternity has initiated more than 250,000 men and currently has more than 160,000 living alumni. 

Quick Facts

National Founding: December 26th, 1848

Missouri Alpha Founding: November 26th, 1870

National Philanthropy: Live Like Lou Foundation

Famous Phis: Neil Armstrong, Lou Gehrig, Burt Reynolds, Benjamin Harrison

Nicknames: Phi Delts, Phis

Missouri Alpha History

Phi Delta Theta proudly planted its flag at the University of Missouri on November 26th, 1870, founding the Missouri Alpha chapter. Being touted as "the longest standing fraternity west of the Mississippi", Missouri Alpha has since been the premier organization for young leaders, scholars, and men of service.


In the Spring of 2016, in an effort to revitalize the chapter, the decision was made to recolonize in the fall semester. On October 4th, 2016, the chapter was officially recolonized with an emphasis on returning to the core ideals of Phi Delta Theta and to the greatness that Missouri Alpha had produced for nearly 150 years. On April 22nd, 2017, only 7 months after recolonization, Missouri Alpha was officially re-installed with 85 new brothers, making us the quickest group to go from colony to chartered chapter in the history of Phi Delta Theta. 

Since then, we have grown to a chapter of 166 active brothers and Phikeia and have established ourselves as top contenders in areas of academics, athletics, on-campus leadership, philanthropy and service. We continue our commitment to raising the bar for what a college fraternity can achieve and what a fraternity man can become.

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